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Iveta S.

I have been cooperating with Best Job agency since April 2016. Based on my personal experience, this agency is one of few agencies who has the active approach with finding the job and very high pofessionality with dealing with issues connected with the job position of a carer abroad. I wish Best Job all the best and many other satisfied carers in EU countries,

G.S. from Romania

I started to work with Best Job agency in January 2016. Best Job is an agency you can trust. They offered me a great support all the time, They are understating and flexible regarding the working periods you can choose. And the most important is that Best Job is always keeping its promises, so I am highly recommending their services.

Jane Lowen, Care Team Coordinator

We have worked with Best Job agency since April 2015. In this time we have found this agency to be efficient, organized and quick to respond to our recruitment requirements. The company works hard on our behalf and is available when we need them which can often beat unsociable hours. I would have no hesitation recommending Best Job.

Viera M.

I can highly recommend Best Job agency. I leave for Germany to become a carer. They are serious, and ready to help me all the time. I have been a carer for 15 years, and with Best Job agency I am absolutely satisfied.

Alica V.

„I have been working for Best Job agency since April 2015, and by this time I did not have any problems, they always keep their promises. Prepaid air ticket, wage on time, if you need any help, they are here for you. They are trying to help you as soon as possible and solve any kind of problems you might have. I am very satisfied.“

Elena M.

„I have only positive experience with Best Job agency. I have left for UK with them, they gave me job as a carer in 2 weeks. They paid for my air ticket to UK, which helped me a lot at the beginning. I know I can contact them in case of emergency at any time, evenings, holidays or weekends. They always helped me with everything I needed.“

Katarina N.

„I was looking for part time job during the summer. I was trying to find a job mostly through internet, where I was comparing working conditions and working expectations of different employers. I was trying to find experience of Slovak people with various job agencies on the internet. I have found so much information, and I have finally decided to contact Best Job agency directly. The reason I contacted them was that I like their working conditions and they did not ask for a driving license in UK. After first meeting I had very good feeling and I was 90 % sure that I will work in UK. After studying all documents about working conditions and working contract, I agreed. Then it worked by itself… Buying air ticket, criminal record disclosure, packing...Meanwhile, I was contacted by English partner via skype, so all my doubts just faded away. I have been in my client´s house for 6 weeks, everything is going according to arranged conditions. I am still in contact with both sides, with Best Job agency and English partner. I am very happy that I have decided to go to the UK and work as a carer. I really recommend Best Job agency to women who still have doubts, you can trust Best Job agency for 100 %.“

Karin K.

„With the Best Job agency I have just positive experience. Managers of the company always keep the promises. I can contact them with any problems any time, they are always ready to help. When you are abroad alone, you appreciate it. In case of any change of patient, or diagnosis of the patient, they try to find the appropriate solution. It is obvious, that Best Job agency looks after their carers and wants to make carers feel good and satisfied.“