Frequently asked Questions

Our agency Best Job doesn´t charge any intermediary, administrative or handling fees for providing job opportunities.

Yes, it is necessary to speak language on a communicative level. Our agency has most offers from English speaking families. To obtain a job in England, you will need to prove at least a level B2 in English proficiency. In Holland there are opportunities for B1 proficiency individuals. If you are not sure what level of language you have, don´t hesitate to contact us and we can test your skills face to face or over the phone. The better your foreign language is, the better job we can provide for you.

If you have never worked in a foreign country as a carer and you don´t have any previous experience a health care course is an advantage. Language skills are another priority because without it, we can not guarantee you a job offer. In case of particular offer to a specific client, either Holland or England, carer must have proper experience with written references from previous clients. For carers with no previous experience but with good language skills, we can also provide a job in England. Firstly carer will attend a free health care training and afterwords will be provided with a concrete job opportunity.

Most of our carers are employed by our company in Slovakia. With some carers we cooperate on self employed basis. Working under self-employment means that the carer pays for their own social and healthcare contributions. We also provide job offers where you can work under a foreign job contract (For example: job contract in Holland for 12 months.). That means you have a foreign job contract, all contributions are being paid in a particular country and you have holiday. You become a proper employee in a foreign company.

Yes, of course, but the number of job offers for male carers are limited. The carer must have wide experience with care giving, very good language abilities and references from previous employments. Since gentlemen are continuously contacting us with demand for care giving abroad, we are working hard to find more options in the close future.

We offer travel bonuses to our carers. In case of a job offer in England, we provide you with bonus of 50 EUR towards your plane/bus ticket. If you travel to Holland, in case of 2-months long job you will earn 100 EUR bonus, in case of a 3-months long job you will get up to 150 EUR. Bonus will be paid after the job has been successfully completed.

In our agency, you can always pick the working length that fits for you. We have offers with different lengths of the job, it can be a month long, multiple week cover-up for someone else, or even 3-months long jobs.

The amount of your pay is based on multiple factors. It depends on your experience, language abilities, the length of your stay, country of the particular job, as well as on your qualifications or diagnosis of the patient.

If you are self-employed, your remuneration will be paid to your bank account always by the 20. calendar day, particular month. If you work under contract in foreign country, your remuneration is paid on your bank account over there.

Registration through the web page of Best Job company is for free and non-committal. We will simply add you to our database and find out your language skills. We will explain you the process and conditions of cooperation and create you a profile where are also your requirements about the job. Based on the profile we can find the right job offer for you. You will be contacted by e-mail with our current offers.

It all depends on the offer. However, in all cases a minimum of 2 hours break per day will be provided for the carer to be able to have their free time. On top of that, in some cases, carer has 1 or 2 paid days off per week.

No, it is not, but it definitely is a big advantage. It is not only a benefit to have a driving license but also be an active driver. In some cases, it is possible to attend practice rides for free in the place of where job will occur.

To increase a chance of getting an offer, it is necessary to have: communication level of foreign language, previous abroad experience with care giving proved by written references, driving license and active driving record and to be a non-smoker with presentable manners and nice character.

Yes most houses has WI-FI connection. If there is no WI-FI, mobile internet is the possibility.

Carer has the right to have their own separate room in the house of the client. Room should has the necessary furniture such as bed and wardrobe. Carer has the access to the bathroom and WC.

Carer must be aware that 24 hour care might require occasional night care. If the client certainly doesn´t sleep at night, wakes up and needs care, another carer is assigned for extra help.

Every carer transports to the client individually, as our company doesn´t provide transportation. However, we will provide you with complex service such as reservation of the plane ticket, bus ticket, we will send you step-by-step instructions how to get to the client from the airport or bus station etc. In case of traveling to Holland, we can recommend an affordable option of transport with taxi service that will drive you from your home straight to the client.

Before traveling, every carer needs to have a European Insurance Card. With this insurance card you will have no problem getting a necessary healthcare in countries within European Union. With European Insurance Card you will be provided with any type of care you need but only in public facilities.