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  • Does The Best Job agency take any fees for mediation of work?

No, we doesn’t take any intermediary or other  fees.


  • What level of foreign language should I have?

Language level should be sufficient for you to travel and work abroad, so you need to have a communicative knowledge of a foreign language. In some cases, even slightly advanced knowledge of the language will be enough but you should have a great effort to learn and improve foreign language skills.


  • Should I have a Health Care Course or medical education?

No, you do not need, but Health Care Course certificate is an advantage. We also offer work without a certificate of Health Care Course, if you have experience in caring and references from previous patient / family.


  • What is the form of employment in Best Job agency?

It is full-time employment with slovak work agreement. Best Job agency pays all compulsary contributions: health and social insurance, all taxes,  according to Slovak legislation.


  • Who will reimburse travel expenses?

We will pay for your airway ticket ( trip) to patient‘s address abroad.


  • What is the length of work rotations in Best Job agency?

Minimum period of rotation is one month. The standard period is 2-3 months. It is possible to stay abroad for more than three months.

Tel: +421 907 666 225