Ako zvládnuť pracovný pohovor pre opatrovateľky v ANGLICKOM jazyku?

Job interview for carers

Každá opatrovateľka vie, že jeden z prvých krokov ku vysnívanej práci je pracovný pohovor. Väčšinou prebieha formou Skype alebo telefonického pohovoru a preto je veľmi dôležité ihneď urobiť dobrý dojem na budúceho zamestnávateľa alebo klienta. Druhú šancu už nedostanete! Pripravili sme pre Vás veľmi praktickú pomôcku, s ktorou ľahko zvládnete pracovný pohovor v Angličtine. Let´s start!

Tell me something about yourself? (Povedzte mi niečo o sebe ?)

Odpoveď:My name is Maria and I am from Slovakia. I am professional Live-in carer and I am working as a carer for the last 5 years. My experience includes working as a carer in Holland and Great Britain.

Tell me more about your caring experience with elderly? (Povedzte viac o Vašich opatrovateľských skúsenostiach zo seniormi)

Odpoveď: I have been caring for elder patients since 2010. I was working in a Care home and took care for males and females with various diagnosis. I have experience with such diagnosis as : Dementia, Alzheimer´s, Parkinson, Incontinence, Stroke, Cancer, Immobility. Also I have experience with partly immobile patients, patients on a wheelchair, eating disorder, Diabetes, hoist.

I was working as a Live-in carer in Holland for 2 years. I had different clients with different diagnosis.

What were your duties? (Aka bola Vaša náplň práce?)

Odpoveď: I was doing complete personal hygiene. I was showering patient, bathing, helping with toilet, dressing up. I helped patient to get up from bed. I cooked breakfast, lunch and supper. Helped him/her to eat. When they had a rest I cleaned the house or cooked a dinner. We enjoyed to talk a lot, play some border games or just watch TV. We went out outside regularly. I have great memories from my work in UK and I had excellent relationship with families. I was doing shopping as well and light gardening.

Do you have experience with immobile patients? (Mate skúsenosti s imobilnými pacientmi?)


Yes I had immobile patients. It is hard job of course, but I know how to help this people, how to transport them, provide personal hygiene.


No I don´t have experience with immobile patients, but i am quick learner.

Do you know how to use hoist? (Hoist – zdvihak, lift)


Yes I know how to use hoist, as I was caring for immobile patients before.


No I don´t have experience with hoist, but I have heard about hoist and read about it / watch how to use it on YouTube. I think I can learn fast how to use it.

Do you have experience with patients with Dementia? Alzheimer´s disease?


Yes I have experience with these diagnosis. Many patients in high age have Dementia. I know that they usually have short term memory loss and forgot some things, could be disoriented, can leave a house, be even aggressive. So you need to be very attentive to patient. Speak with him or her and try to be caring and patient. You need to have an order during the day and try to do simple things with patient, as eating, watching TV, drinking tea, talking, going outside, reading books.

Do you have Health Care certificate? Have you passed Health care training?

Yes i have Health Care course certificate. I have passed it in 2010 in Slovakia and I had theoretical and practical part. It was very helpful training.

No I don´t have Health Care certificate. But I have experience in this field.

What do you usually cook? /What are your favourite meals? / Can you cook English meals?

I enjoy cooking. I cook fresh meals, soups, vegetables, meat with rise, fish, salads. I love healthy food. I can cook some English meals according to the receipts.

Why would you like to work in UK?

I like England, British people and culture. I like to care for elderly. I think I understand them a lot. I would like to improve my English language as well and gain new experience.

What are you hobbies?

Sport, reading, nature, animals, travelling, culture, cooking, history etc

Describe yourself in few words? 

I am hard-working, kind, patient person. I think I am as well honest and sincere.